Regulatory & Compliance Analyst

Regulatory & Compliance Analyst is needed to perform the following duties:

  • Maintaining routine Regulatory Compliance tasks for Grove Apothecary to improve performance of business and comply with regulatory bodies
  • Monitoring micro as well as macro policies and daily tasks compliance with federal and state requirements, which includes FWA, CMS, DEA, FDA, HIPAA, PMP of OIG, MTM and Mirixa.

  • Documenting yearly CMS policies and implementing new guidelines including for DME products
  • Monitor and assist relevant staff for license renewals and for Continuous Education courses.
  • Co-ordinate with pharmacy staff for growth of business at the same time complying with regulations
  • Documentation and tracking of adverse events, complaints, inspections and significant matters.
  • Using MTM and Mirixa platforms help bridging health care providers performance with patient health determination
  • Routine practice of communicating to patients and health care providers (nurses, MDs and pharmacist) and documenting observations in Therapy Management.
  • Responsible to ensure ongoing process aligns with current statutory provisions
  • Responsible for answering on site and off site audits by providing documents and prescriptions requested.
  • Justifying and providing additional support documents in case of any discrepancies found during audits.
  • Verifying PMP website before dispensing each controlled prescription, submitting daily transmitted claim through Best Rx software for the purpose of DEA compliance
  • Work on all documents required for OTC network, credit card and prescription coupons.
  • Constant periodic monitoring of employee criminal background, HIPAA and FWA certifications, e-signature logs of medications dispensed through electronic platforms, copies of prescriptions required by auditors and relevant documents.
  • Staying updated with rulemaking through online interactions and newsletters by state and federal organizations
  • Enrolling with Medicare, Medicaid, DEA, HIPAA and FWA newsletters in order to get constant updates about changes and following up existing guidelines.
  • Support pharmacy staff by reviewing recalled drugs and processing excessive stock return and document controlled inventory based on compliance requirements. In addition, maintain records of drug inventory vs drugs dispensed, recalls etc for audit purposes.

*Bachelor's Degree is required in Pharmacy or Pharmaceutical Sciences or Drug Regulatory Affairs.*